MOAB, UTAH Mountain Biking

March 30, 2017

MOAB, UTAH Mountain Biking

Every mountain biker loves an iconic trail, however what they love more is an outstanding cycling community. A community of likeminded riders who share the same passion and have a bucket list of itineraries for them to explore, new trail development, a bike-friendly and fun vibe with excellent places on where to play, where to ride, drink, eat and stay.

Moab in Utah is close to cycling heaven and aside from one of the most extraordinary beautiful places in America and also close to being the greatest on earth too it has gorgeous red-rock landscapes waiting for you. Some trails include the Whole Enchilada, Slick rock and Porcupine Rim, however what bikers love more is the continuously lesser known and new trails that makes Moab a mandatory pilgrimage for all mountain bikers.

The mountain community of the Moab Trails Alliance is part of the International Bicycling Association and this enables Moab rider to explore various new trails north of Moab which include the Brands, Klonzo, Sovereign and North Klondike as well as the newest on the list Goldbar.

As it is desert riding at its best Moab is an all-year- round mountain biking attraction even though the most comfortable temperature would be fall and spring. If you decide to come during those months you will find all the ski towns in the West’s mountain cyclist appear too. The Whole Enchilada, which is the most daring and popular trail starts at over 10, 000 feet and one of the most sought after trails in the world of mountain biking.

Western spirit Cycling that is a tour operator in the region recommends some of his best findings for mountain bikers as to where to stay, eat, drink and chill after a long day biking. For off-bike activities the Arches National Park and drinking and chilling are great Woody’s Tavern. Gourmet burgers from Milt’s Stop n’ Eat while an excellent budget place to stay is the La Quinta Inn which also offers access to bike paths.

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